Monday, April 8, 2013

Hot springs, and sickness

Hot springs was by far the coolest trail town we have walked by so far, it has just got me even more excited for Damascus!! When we finally left which was after a solid day and a half of enjoy natural hot springs, great food and some wonderful people. The next day we woke up and it was drizzling but then as the day went on the temps dropped and the rain continued and we start to get the freezing rain by the end of the day there was probably 1/4in of ice on the trees. So we called it short after 10 miles and stayed at Little Laurel shelter. Turns out that was a very poor choice, because apparently shelters are great for holding stomach viruses. The next night I found out just how great they are at doing that. After dinner wild blue and I settled down to go to bed when the next thing I know we are both throwing up !!!! He was much more lucky then I was because he did it out side of his gear, where as I was not so lucky and could not get out of my tent and threw up on and in both my sleeping bag and tent. Being sick has never felt so bad ever!!! The next morning my breakdown and without a wonderful conversation with Jessica Decke (my boss at Tanglewood) who pulled me out of the gutters like she has done time and time again. By the end of the day I was back in the groove and ended the day on top of big bald with the most fantastic view so far. Sorry for the rush but its time for laundry and regroup with my friends. I appreciate all of the love everyone has been sending my way.


  1. I love that first photo - beautiful - I'm sure not so fun to hike in - but it's a great photo! Love you! Mom

  2. Stay safe, buddy! I'm glad that you're doing so well (other than that yucky illness) and having an incredible time! I hope there was some glorious skinny dipping in those hot springs.

  3. Gandolf I miss you and I on the trail together. Xoxo you rock